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At Snowbound we take your privacy seriously and take measures to protect your personal data.  Details of how your data is used, stored, and protected are outlined in our privacy policy. 

We value your trust and honor your preferences.  As owner of your personal data, you may, at any time, unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications and/or request the complete removal of your information from our database by submitting the form to the right with your preferred selections.  We will honor your request within 30 days and send you an email confirming your request. 


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We issue a newsletter four times a year informing you of important product highlights, executive messages, product notifications, industry highlights and educational content. (See Sample)
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Stay informed about the latest enhancements, bug fixes, release dates, and the method to request the latest updated software.  
Offers & Promotions
Throughout the year we provide various programs offering product and/or support discount incentives, BETA program invitations, and sales initiatives. 
Stay informed about our upcoming in person events and webinars to provide educational insights, product highlights, and partner content. 


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